Carbon Electrode Paste Delivery After Holiday

500MT electrode paste goods delivery on time


Affected by the coronavirus spreading, Rongxing company extend China holiday over one month.

We begin work from end of February, all things going well in the beginning of March.


As contact and customers requests. We produce goods and delivery carbon electrode paste goods urgently,

At middle of March, finally 500mt goods shipping on time. 



Rongxing is a manufacturer and trading combo since 1992s. 
electrode paste annual output is about 200000mt. 

The mainly materials are Calcined Anthracite Coal,CPC,Anode Scrap,Coal pitch,Coal Tar,Graphite Powder;

Our electrode paste goods in 3 kinds shape:Cylinder,Egg,Trapezoid;

electrode paste application: Used in soderburg furnace to make Various alloy, such as Ferro silicon, ferro manginess, ferro silicon manganese,nickel alloy, Chromium alloy.

  • The second largest in the country
  • Cumulative supply unit 330+
  • Cost-effective than the peer 20%
  • 48H rushed to the production site as soon as possible
  1. CPC Calcined Petroleum Coke Used for Steelmaking as Recarburizer Carburetant【Superior Calcined Petroleum Coke Manufacturer- Rongixng Goup】Rongxing Group is C.

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