Graphite Electrode Market under Corona Virus in 2020

What is the market situation of graphite electrode in 2020?

From January to March 2020, the Chinese key Graphite Electrode manufacturers produced a total of 119,700 tons of Graphite Electrodes, decrease of 20.9% with comparing to 2019.

Affected by Corona Virus before Chinese new year, domestic Graphite Electrode manufacturers were forced to stop production. After the situation was generally controlled in mid-February, manufacturers gradually returned to normal production.

According to export data, China's total export of Graphite Electrodes was 46,000 tons from January to February 2020, increase of 9.79% with comparing with 2019. According to market feedback, the main reason for the increase was the delivery of orders after October 2019.

Although the Corona Virus has been basically controlled in March, the global situation truns to be out of control, the export of Graphite Electrodes will undoubtedly be impacted.
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