Electrode Paste for Ferroalloy Production under Mass stock, Welcome to Purchase!

Electrode Paste for Ferroalloy Production

 electrode paste for Ferroalloy Mass stock, Welcome to Purchase!


Currently, Rongxing Brand has mass stock for electrode paste in our factory. We have enough inventory for goose egg electrode paste, Cylinder electrode paste and trapezoidal electrode paste to meet your demands.




Under the influence of COVID-19, the abroad demands for electrode paste is affected but still large. So far, we have signed thousands tons of contracts from abroad like middle east country. Meanwhile, the domestic needs for electrode paste is also strong. Last month, our CEO Andy and our technical engineer Mr. Chen went to Shaanxi province to investigate the calcium carbide furnace status. After checking that, Mr. Chen gave the calcium carbide factory some constructive advice based on the consumption of electrode paste. The factory manager were very happy and would like to discuss the cooperation with Rongxing Brand.


We are professional in electrode paste! Calcium carbide submerged arc furnace electrode paste, ferrosilicon furnace electrode paste, silicon manganese SAF electrode paste, please contact us if you have any demands.


Tel/Wechat/WhatsApp: 86 187 90815 520

Email: [email protected]


  • The second largest in the country
  • Cumulative supply unit 330+
  • Cost-effective than the peer 20%
  • 48H rushed to the production site as soon as possible
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