Correct Tightening Torques in Graphite Electrode Installation

To ensure the efficient operation in installation.


Graphite Electrode Installation

Graphite Electrodes which are not equipped with preset nipples - first require a nipple inserting. It is essential to ensure the socket and nipple are clean before insertion.
Screw the lifting eye into the empty socket of the Graphite Electrode and ensure that the socket threads are not damaged.
Protect the opposite end of the Graphite Electrode and nipple when lifting.
Before assembling the two Graphite Electrodes - clean the socket of the lower electrode with compressed air.
Put a spacer between the Graphite Electrodes to prevent damage to the socket and the nipple when lowering the new electrode by crane. Remove the spacer and tighten the joints.
To ensure efficient operation we recommend the following tightening torques. Excessive torque damages the electrode, insufficient torque causes loose joints and hot spots.

Recommended tightening torques

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